Research is an essential part of the undergraduate experience. The skills you’ll gain by working on real problems outside the classroom are invaluable for post-graduate life.

Protip: You can print posters at the UO AAA Output Room.

Get Funding!

Research credits are required for physics majors, but if you would like to do additional research, you can look into securing your own funding to support you monetarily while you perform the research. Grants and awards are available to support the research itself, travel costs, materials and so on. Writing applications to secure your own funding is excellent practice for graduate school and future careers.

Click the link below to access the UO-maintained site of all undergraduate research awards, grants, support programs and more.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Find a Faculty Mentor!

Here, we have compiled a list of UO physics professors who are actively conducting research in their fields of specialization. Don’t hesitate to contact a professor if you are interested in assisting them in their research! Many are happy to accept undergraduate help.


Scott Fisher
James Imamura


Brian Matthews
Jim Remington
Eric Corwin

Condensed Matter Experiment/Theory

Dietrich Belitz
Hailin Wang
Raghuveer Parthasarathy
John Toner
Richard Taylor

Experimental High Energy Physics

James Brau
Raymond Frey
Stephanie Majewski
David Strom
Eric Torrence

Fluid Dynamics

Russel Donnelly
Dean Livelybrooks

Optical Physics

Miriam Deutsch
Benjamin McMorran
Michael Raymer
Daniel Steck
Jens Nockel
Stephen Van Enk

Physics Education

Stan Micklavzina
Timothy Jenkins

Solid State Physics

Stephen Gregory
Roger Haydock
Steve Kevan

Theoretical High Energy Physics

Spencer Chang
Paul Csonka
Nilendra Deshpande
Stephen Hsu
Graham Kribs
Davison Soper