Welcome! The UO chapter of the Society of Physics Students has three main goals:

  1. To be a resource for undergraduates
  2. To foster community
  3. To connect students with professors, professional opportunities and outreach

We are open to anyone with an interest in physics–you don’t have to be a physics major! Minors, students in other areas of the natural sciences and physics enthusiasts are welcome. Throughout the year we host events such as:

  • Social coffee hours
  • Graduate school Q&A panels
  • Talks from visiting professionals to have gone on to work in industry
  • Presentations from department professors about their research
  • Outreach tabling events around town
  • Movie nights/Game nights

Don’t see what you want? Have an idea for a meeting or an event? Just contact one of the officers! We’re always open to new meeting ideas and happy to see other students taking the initiative.


The Society of Physics Students is a national organization aimed at creating a community of physics undergraduates across the nation. There are currently about 820 active chapters of SPS on campuses around the country, with more involvement every year. SPS is open to all students interested in physics, and includes a variety of majors including mathematics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, astronomy, and geology, among others. SPS is an organization under the American Institute of Physics (AIP), which helps fund and support SPS members. Visit the national SPS website here: AIP Society of Physics Students Webpage

You can also choose to join SPS at the national level for a yearly fee of $24, or sign up for free through contacting the UO chapter. You get access to scholarships, publications, free membership in two other professional physics organizations, and more. For more information or to join, please visit the national SPS site.